The Texas Sports Medicine Center's Sports Advantage program provides athletes with effective ways to improve muscular imbalances, reduce overuse injuries, develop maximum power and speed and enhance performance.

Our program is built on more than 20 years of experience and has a longstanding reputation among Major League baseball players and sports agents across the country for building proper strength and conditioning for athletes.

Top-Level Care for Professionals...

For 17 weeks in the off-season, more than 50 professional baseball players call the Texas Sports Medicine Center home for strength training, conditioning, physical therapy and performance and speed training. By using video analysis software, trainers and athletes understand the relationship between muscular strength and the mechanics of pitching and hitting.

Our Sports Advantage program is designed to begin with the end in mind and helps professional baseball players prepare for spring training.

...and Future Pros

Built off the professional training program, the Sports Advantage Summer College and High-School Baseball Programs prepare athletes to get the most out of their bodies. The primary focuses are to help athletes increase strength and speed, perfect balance and stability and reduce potential injuries common in adolescent players.

Registration and Information

Our online registration is currently being updated and is not available at this time.

Please call (281) 351-6300 or email Joe Loria at for registration or additional information.

Texas Sports Medicine Center understands athletes may not attend all training sessions. There will be no refunds or prorates available for missed training sessions.

Vizual Edge Program

Sports Advantage has teamed up with Vizual Edge, a high tech sports vision company, to offer visual skills evaluation and training. It involves a series of 3-D computer-based exercises to enhance a critical part of an athlete’s overall training program. Trainers from the Texas Sports Medicine Center monitor athletes throughout the training process.

Training happens in 12 to 20 minute sessions, 2 to 3 times per week for approximately 8 weeks.  Athletes work at their own to complete the exercises.

Call (281) 351-6300 or email Joe Loria at for additional information.