Our Athletic Training Program at the Texas Sports Medicine Center program offers both event medicine and post-discharge rehabilitation.

Are you planning a fun run event or a youth sport tournament? Our athletic training staff is available to provide on-site services So, bring on your soccer, baseball, softball or other tournament and we’ll prepare a medical station complete with tables, ice, water and sports medicine supplies.

We know you’ll need time to set up and break down so we typically open the medical station for service 30 minutes before the event begins and close 30 minutes after the event ends.

Event Medicine at the Texas Sports Medicine Center

 Event medicine includes all the medical services that should be available during sporting events in case  any accidents or injuries occur. When you host an event on our facility, we provide these services. Our event medicine services include:

  • Adhesive Strapping
  • Blister and Wound Care
  • First Aid for Injuries and Illnesses
  • Injury Evaluation
  • Medical Tent
  • Referral to an Emergency Room, Hospital and/or Physician
  • Staffing by Licensed Athletic Trainers

Post-Discharge Rehabilitation

After an athlete suffers an injury that requires medical treatment, there’s usually a gap between when they have completed their physical therapy program (commonly known as being “discharged”) and when they are scheduled to return to sport. This is usually because of limits placed on the patient’s managed health care coverage.

The Texas Sports Medicine Center offers a post-physical therapy, return-to-sport rehabilitation program  to maintain care and prepare the injured athlete for a safe and successful return to sport.

Our fee-for-service programs are primarily available for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) knee reconstructions, rotator cuff repairs and severe ankle sprains. However, our licensed staff can design a rehabilitation program for most athletic injuries.

Our program emphasizes:

  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Core Training
  • Referral to Strength and Conditioning Coaches upon Release from Attending Physician
  • Speed and Agility
  • Sport Specific Exercises
  • Strength and Power Training

For more information, please call (381) 351-6300.